When law enforcement agents disrupt his search for meaning in modern life, Jack Cover departs his native Wyoming to seek refuge and inspiration in New York City. Followed there by his girlfriend muse and accompanied by an expanding circle of followers, Jack moves among ranchers and romeos, nymphs and nerds, giants and aesthetes, some of them creative and some damned, and all seeking their way in a world where high society lives like homeless while generous bohemians reach for glory.

Set over a single week in 1985 amidst the “Culture Wars” then raging in the United States, From Pillar to Post tells a romantic tale of art and science, cliques and clubs, drinks and drugs, promises and promiscuity, and people’s progress through privilege and pathos, to despair, hope, joy and resurrection.

© Copyright 2021 Eli Lederman

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The fantastic story of Jack Cover, cowboy poet...