Eli Lederman was born in New York City in 1963. A graduate in physics from Brown University, he received a Ph.D at NYU before spending two years as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard. During a fourteen year career at Morgan Stanley, half in New York and half in London, Eli was a managing director who established innovative new businesses in electronic trading and financial technology. In 2007 he became founding chief executive of a pan-European stock market owned by several of the largest investment banks in the world, a role he left when the business was sold in 2010. He has been a landscaper and a lifeguard, prep cook and head cook, teacher and professor, semiconductor engineer and salesman; he has washed dishes and bused tables, painted houses, delivered flowers and tended bar, among other jobs. From 2001 to early 2016, Eli lived in England with his wife and three children, and he now resides in Rhode Island. He is the author of two novels, HIGH FINANCE and FROM PILLAR TO POST.

Eli Lederman